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Option name option is applicable to
Drought Flooding Heat wave Sea level rise
Awareness rising x x x x
Best management practices, efficient use of irrigation systems x x    
Clearwater information exchange (Australia) x      
Conservation and drought contingency planning x      
Conservation tillage, terracing, contour ploughing, irrigation management x x    
Demand management (Australia) x      
Desalinisation (Australia) x      
Developing electronic database for communicating with water use permit holders x      
Developing guidance for building stakeholder capacity x x x x
Encouraging voluntary water conservation x      
Enhancing storage for water x x    
Establishing a drought communications system x      
Financial aid (loans, tax reduction, debt reduction) x x x x
IM - demand management in Australia x      
IM - ecological restoration x      
IM - Forspace x      
IM - grazing restrictions x      
IM1 - UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) x x x x
IM2 - UK regional climate change partnerships x x x x
IM3 - Managed Aquifer Recharge (Australia) x      
IM4 - Waterwise rebate scheme (Australia) x      
IM5 - ecological emigration x      
Implementing early warning systems x      
Implementing whole-life-cost risk methodology x x    
Improving irrigation systems by information collection and delivery x      
Insurance of agricultural production x x x x
Introduction of planning disaster contingency x x x x
Managing vegetation in order to balance hydrological processes x x    
Monitoring stream flow, precipitation, and water quality parameters at selected locations on critical streams x x    
Preparation of evacuation x x x x
Rainwater Tanks and Stormwater Harvesting (Australia) x      
Reservoirs x x    
Reviewing the local governments and water supply providers' conservation and drought contingency plans x      
Runoff reduction by agronomic practices x x    
Supplying relief for those affected by disaster x x x  
Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) x x    
Water pricing x      
Water Recycling (Australia) x      
Water sensitive urban design (Australia) x      
Water wise plants (Australia) x      
Waterless urinals (Australia) x      
Weather derivatives x x x x
Weather derivatives (drught risk transfer) x x x x
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